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Entity used to cause a delay between a trigger and a target. (Something sends a signal, it gets to this, and it waits this amount of time, then fires its target.)


NO_RETRIGGER - Keeps the delay from resetting the time if it is activated again while it is counting down to an event.

USE_TEAM_DELAY_WIN (MOVIE BATTLES II SPECIFIC) - For use in conjunction (targeted at) info_siege_Objective. When Team A (or B Depending on the siege obj) there is a delay on ending the round. With this flag, even if one or the other team dies, the team that does their objective wins.

UI_COUNTDOWN (MOVIE BATTLES II SPECIFIC) - Displays a count down and message on the clients' hud. A Maximum of two can be running in a single instance.


wait - Seconds to pause before firing targets.

random - Delay variance, total delay = delay +/- random seconds.

message - the message to display if UI_COUNTDOWN is true. (MOVIE BATTLES II SPECIFIC)

GTK Radiant Entity Code