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Turret that hangs from the ceiling, will aim and shoot at enemies.


START_OFF - Starts off. (Needs to be triggered.)

UPSIDE_DOWN - Make it rest on a surface/floor instead of hanging from the ceiling.

CANRESPAWN - Will respawn after being killed (use count).

TURBO - Big-ass, Boxy Death Star Turbo Laser version.

LEAD - Turret will aim ahead of moving targets ('lead' them).

SHOWRADAR - Show on radar.


'radius' - How far away an enemy can be for it to pick it up (default 512).

'wait' - Time between shots (default 150 ms).

'dmg' - How much damage each shot does (default 5).

'health' - How much damage it can take before exploding (default 100).

'count' - If CANRESPAWN spawnflag, decides how long it is before gun respawns (in ms) - defaults to 20000 (20 seconds).

'paintarget' - Target to fire off upon being hurt.

'painwait' - Milliseconds to wait between firing off pain targets.

'random' - Random error (in degrees) of projectile direction when it comes out of the muzzle (default is 2).

'shotspeed' - The speed of the missile it fires travels at (default is 1100 for regular turrets, 20000 for TURBOLASERS).

'splashDamage' - How much damage the explosion does.

'splashRadius' - The radius of the explosion.

'targetname' - Toggles it on/off.

'target' - What to use when destroyed.

'target2' - What to use when it decides to start shooting at an enemy.

'showhealth' - Set to 1 to show health bar on this entity when crosshair is over it.

'teamowner' - Crosshair shows green for this team, red for opposite team. 0 - none 1 - red 2 - blue

'alliedTeam' - Team that this turret won't target. 0 - none 1 - red 2 - blue

'teamnodmg' - Team that turret does not take damage from. 0 - none 1 - red 2 - blue

'customscale' - Custom scaling size. 100 is normal size, 1024 is the max scaling. this will change the bounding box size, so be careful of starting in solid!

'icon' - Icon that represents the objective on the radar.

'script_targetname' - Referred to by script as the recipient of set of instructions. Most entities can use this key.

Movie Battles II Specific Keys and Values

'shotefx' - Changes the Effect file of the shot (EX: effects/demp2/lvl3_shot.efx)

'muzzleflash' - Changes the Muzzleflash Effect for the turret. (EX: effects/demp2/muzzle_flash.efx)

'impactefx' - Changes the Impact Effect for the turret.

'model' - Changes the model of the turret (Piece 1)

'model2' - Changes the model of the turret (Piece 2)

'dyingmodel' - Changes the Dead/dying part of the model (Piece 1)

'dyingmodel2' - Changes the dead/dying part of the model (piece 2)


For some reason this must have at least 1 unit of space between it and the surface where you intend to place it.

GTK Radiant Entity Code