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Valley of the Jedi




Map name Mb2 duel votj
Mapper(s) Plasma
Publisher Official Release
FA Mode Duel
FA writer(s) Azuvector
Tester(s) MBII Beta Team


The souls of hundreds of Jedi slain durring the Seventh Battle of Ruusan reside within the Valley of the Jedi, their trapped spirits create a Force Nexus surpassing all others in the galaxy.

The Valley's location is kept secret by its few Jedi Guardians, as the danger of such power falling into the wrong hands is unimaginable.

Sometimes, secrets are discovered...

A murderous Dark Jedi with a vengeful Jedi Knight prepare to duel to the death for the possession of the Valley of the Jedi.

In the heart of the Valley, both are saturated with ambient Force power, honing their abilities with the Force

to a fine edge...

Gametype / Objectives


  • Kyle - Stop Jerec.
  • Jerec - Kill Katarn.
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