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The campaign mode allows a server owner to create a more dynamic rotation. The idea is simple: Start in one map and depending on which team wins (roundlimit or fraglimit), the next map will be chosen.

How to use

  • If you want the server to start with the campaign, just open your server configuration file and add the following line
seta g_campaign "1"
  • You can start the campaign at any moment with the following console command:
/rcon campaign 1

Please note this will change map immediately.

  • To end the campaign immediately, use the command:
/rcon campaign 0

This won't change to the map that was in use before you started, but it will go back to the old rotation that you had set in your server configuration file.

  • You might want to change which campaign rotation is in use. To switch to a new campaign rotation file called "XYZcampaign.mbcr":
/rcon campaignFile XYZcampaign

Note that this will start the new rotation.

Obviously you can also set in the server configuration file

seta g_campaignRotationFile "XYZcampaign"

The smod values are:

  • 4194304 - allow admins to use "campaign" & "campaignfile"
  • 8388608 - allow subadminds to use "campaign" & "campaignfile"

Creating your own campaign

You can follow the examples included with the mod (campaignrotation.mbcr, oldtrilogy.mb2c, prequels.mb2c).

  • The .mbcr file allows you to create a rotation of campaigns. You can add how many campaigns you wish (even only one).
  • The .mb2c file contains the campaign itself.

Note: Make sure the map names are correct (not case-sensitive) or the server will crash.

Place the files in the MBII/ folder.