Westar M5

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Compared to the ARC pistols, the Westar M5 gets considerably less ammo. It is an especially big problem when used with the sniper mode. It is accurate only when fired standing still. The grenade launcher fires sticky EMP grenades at higher speeds that cover more distance than hand-thrown.

Levels & Effects

Forcecircle10.png Level 1: A standard rifle with medium-high damage.

Level 1: 300
Level 2: 450
Level 3: 600


Forcecircle10.png Level 1: This equips the Westar M5 with a scope. While in-scope the shots travel much faster and do far more damage. Consumes 20 ammo per shot.

Grenade Launcher

Forcecircle15.png Level 1: This provides the Westar M5 with a grenade launcher. This launcher already comes with an EMP grenade.
Forcecircle5.png Level 2: Provides another EMP grenade and decreases the delay between launching EMP grenades.

General Tips

  • This weapon has low accuracy, so use it in up close combat.
  • Don't bother with long range fighting unless you have a scope.
  • By pressing ALT-ATTACK, you can launch a pulse grenade given you have a pulse grenade and the grenade launcher attachment. These grenades stick to both walls and people. If you do stick a grenade to someone, get out of the area before the pulse grenade's effect hits you as well as your opponent.
  • Don't consider the normal Westar-M5 to be useless. Given its price, it delivers a strong punch for close combat.