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The Westar-34 is the pistol used by the Mandalorians.

Levels & Effects

Forcecircle0.png Level 1: Basic Westar-34 pistol. Fires a pistol shot with perfect accuracy and low damage.
Forcecircle4.png Level 2: Primary attack is the same as the standard pistol, but secondary attack charges a shot when held down. The longer the user charges it, the more powerful it will become.
Forcecircle18.png Level 3: Allow the dual-wielding of Westar-34 pistols, one in each hand. They can be charged at the same time or fired at the same time with standard shots.
Forcecircle.png Level 4: Both pistols are made into magnums, firing fully charged secondary shots with primary fire.

Level 1: 350
Level 2: 525
Level 3: 700

Gameplay Tips

  • Aim for the head. These pistols do low damage, but their accuracy lets you aim for critically impairing headshots.
  • Time your charged shots. If you think someone is coming around a corner, charge up your shot so by the time he comes by, you have a fully charged blast ready to go.
  • Don't waste time with long range. Despite the perfect accuracy on this gun, it's simply not worth the effort to try and snipe someone with this gun.
  • Aim carefully with your charged shots. They deal a lot of FP and HP drain, so a solid charged shot with this gun can totally tip the scales in almost any fight.
  • Don't be afraid to rush. It can catch enemies off-guard and Mandalorians have the strongest armor in the game. If you die, there's always next round.
  • This weapon also works very well in conjunction with the Wrist Laser gadget. One or two well-placed wrist laser shots can turn the tides of almost any fight you're a part of.