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Walking tanks!

The B2 Super Battle Droid (SBD) was an upgraded version of the B1 Battle Droid, with superior armament and armor. B2s were used by the Trade Federation, the Techno Union, and later, on a much larger scale, the Confederacy of Independent Systems. The Galactic Alliance also used some B2 units during the Yuuzhan Vong War.


The Super Battle Droid (or SBD) operates somewhat differently from most other classes in MB2. First off, it has only one weapon - the built in twin-barrel Arm Blaster. Secondary Fire is a slap using the non-firing arm, and is capable of hitting opponents in both the standing and crouching stances. The slap cannot be used while reloading the blaster.

Additionally, the SBD uses an internal battery to charge it's weapons and defensive systems. This is represented on the HUD as a green bar on the left side. The more charge the battery retains, the better the SBD is able to operate - damage taken will be reduced, its firing rate is higher, its walking/running speed will be higher, and knockdown weapons (e.g. nades) and force push/pull can be resisted when the battery is at high levels.

Battery power is drained by use of the primary weapon (your arm-blaster), running, or being hit. The battery can recharge in two ways: Over time (by standing still or walking), or via the use of Battery Charge Mode (Special-1).

The SBD is very slow when compared to other classes movement abilities. Moving backwards is extremely slow for the SBD. The SBD is also unable to move while crouching.

Finally, The SBD (along with the Droideka) is especially vulnerable to the Pulse Grenade. When hit, the SBD is slowed down to its walking speed, its weapons clip is drained, it cannot fire for a short duration, and it also takes more damage than usual for a short duration. Battery is only slightly drained. The secondary slap can still be used.

Wookie slap will knockdown SBDs no matter the battery level. Wookies are also able to melee kata SBDs.

Weapons and Abilities

Clones are no match for a good SBD.

Hull Strength

Changes the energy ablative properties of the SBD's Hull Chasis, enabling it to take more damage before shutdown. Base level is 100 HP.

  • Level 1: 125 HP
Point Cost: 10
  • Level 2: 150 HP
Point Cost: 7
  • Level 3: 200 HP
Point Cost: 6


Changes are made in the Firing Logic controls of the SBD, allowing for higher rates of fire from the Arm Cannon.

  • Level 1: Maximum rate of fire increased slightly.
Point Cost: 5
  • Level 2: Maximum rate of fire is further increased.
Point Cost: 10
  • Level 3: The SBD achieves it's maximum rate of fire.
Point Cost: 22

Laser Cannon

A Full-Authentic ability only, allows the charging up of the SBD Primary Fire for additional damage.


More efficient energy-reclaimation technology is installed in the SBD, allowing for faster recharging of the battery on the battlefield.

  • Level 0: Rate of recharge is slow. Battery is lost when running.
Point Cost: 0 - Free
  • Level 1: Rate of recharge is slightly increased. Battery is still slightly lost when running.
Point Cost: 5
  • Level 2: Rate of recharge is further increased. Battery slightly recharges when running.
Point Cost: 10
  • Level 3: Maximum recharging ability is attained.
Point Cost: 10

Advanced Logic

Higher-Logic sub-routines are installed into the SBD, allowing them to better adapt to the changing conditions and tactics of the battlefield.

  • Level 1: Prevents Jedi Mind Tricks from affecting the SBD.
Point Cost: 5

Advanced Targeting

Higher precision mechanisms are installed into the SBD, allowing them to look further to better adapt to the battlefield.

  • Level 1: Gives a zooming option by pressing the Special 2 key.
Point Cost: 5

Advanced Radar

Higher detection mechanisms are installed into the SBD, allowing them to better adapt to the battlefield.

  • Level 1: While in Battery Recharge Mode (Special 1 key) you can see the enemies in the radar.
Point Cost: 5

Magnetic Plating

Additional protection provided to the SBD in combat expected to feature large numbers of light blaster weapons.

  • Level 1: Provides significant protection against light blaster weaponry, including partial deflection of impacting fire.
Point Cost: 20


Additional protection provided to the SBD in combat expected to feature large numbers of Jedi.

  • Level 1: Provides significant protection against a lightsaber's cutting power.
Point Cost: 15
  • Level 2: Provides no extra protection against damage, but shorts out any lightsaber that comes in contact with the SBD for a moment.
Point Cost: 15

Blast Armour

Additional protection provided to the SBD in combat expected to feature large numbers of grenades, rockets, or other heavy explosives. Additionally, provides some protection against slugthrower weapons like the Projective Rifle.

  • Level 1: Provides significant protection against explosions, shrapnel, melee and the projective rifle.
Point Cost: 10

Other Buyable Items

Point Cost: 0 - Free
Point Cost: 4
Point Cost: 6

Class Specials

Special 1 - Battery Recharge Mode

Toggles Battery Recharge Mode. Going into this mode causes the SBD to be unable to attack and restricts movement to walking speed. (Friendly warning: DO NOT BACKPEDAL while in this mode or you will be slower than a half-dead, slightly drunk snail.) This has the effect of making you vulnerable to attack. However, your battery recharges at a higher rate than normal.

  • In Battery Recharge Mode (HOLD special 2 key): Ammo to battery. Allows you to transfer power by converting ammo from your arm blaster clip to power for your battery.