Pulse Grenade

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The Electro Magnetic Pulse Grenade, or Pulse Grenade—for short—is a grenade accessible by the ARC Trooper. Tapping primary fire will result in a short toss of the grenade. Pressing and holding primary fire will allow for the grenade’s throwing distance to increase (the longer you "charge" the longer the toss). Secondary fire will allow for maximum throwing range without the wait of charging.

Levels & Effects

Forcecircle10.png Level 1: The ARC Trooper receives one Pulse Grenade.
Forcecircle10.png Level 2: The ARC Trooper receives two Pulse Grenades.
Forcecircle10.png Level 3: The ARC Trooper receives three Pulse Grenades.

Gameplay Tips

  • The explosion of a Pulse Grenade causes electrical damage to anything it hits, resulting in knockdown (for most classes) and ammo drain. This electrical damage will nullify a Droideka’s shield for a few seconds in addition to preventing movement and completely draining ammo. A Super Battle Droid will also lose the ability to fire for a short period of time once it is pulsed.
  • Also, Jedi and Sith damage reduction does not work against electrical damage.
  • The Pulse Grenade may also be used in conjunction with the PLX-1 Portable Missile System for a Pulse Rocket.
  • Also, it can bed launched out of an ARC's Westar M5 for greater range.