Ion Blast

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Ion Blasts are a new type of blob for v0.1 that causes electrical damage in a small area, much like a smaller version of the Pulse Grenade. Unlike regular blobs, these are affected by gravity and therefore travel in an arc. They also need to be charged before they can be fired.

Levels & Effects

Forcecircle5.png Level 1: The Clone Trooper is equipped with one ion blast.
Forcecircle5.png Level 2: The Clone Trooper is equipped with three ion blasts.
Forcecircle5.png Level 3: The Clone Trooper is equipped with six ion blasts.

Gameplay Tips

  • Like mini versions of the Pulse Grenade, direct hits with these can momentarily disable a Droidekas shields or drain a Super Battle Droids battery. However, the effect is also much shorter.