Charged Blast

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Charged blasts, commonly known as "blobs", are a special purchasable ability for Clone Troopers armed with the DC-15A Blaster Rifle. When fired, these blobs travel in a straight line unaffected by gravity toward their target. Direct hits cause knockdown and deactivate Mandalorian jetpacks.

Levels & Effects

Forcecircle5.png Level 1: The Clone Trooper is equipped with three charged blasts.
Forcecircle5.png Level 2: The Clone Trooper is equipped with six charged blasts.
Forcecircle5.png Level 3: The Clone Trooper is equipped with nine charged blasts.

Gameplay Tips

  • The knockdown effect of blobs are especially useful against Sith, as it leaves them vulnerable for several seconds.
  • Firing blobs while jumping or otherwise in midair will cause you to be knocked down.
  • Blobs do not knockdown Super Battle Droids or Droidekas.