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Simple Anti-Cheat

Simple Anti-Cheat (SAC) only has a single goal - Provide a reliable way to prevent players from downloading known hacks to gain an unfair advantage over other players. In no way is this project focussed on preventing any and every way of cheating, however the goal is to keep on top of public and private cheats (circulating in closed player groups). This means that the common player who is looking for a quick download to gain supernatural abilities will be having a hard time.

The SAC is maintained by Deathspike separately from Movie Battles.

Simple Anti-Cheat | Client Download
Released: Oct 18th 2009
Size: 0.7 MB | Downloads: 484 (0 this week)
This is the client-side package for the SAC. To install, just extract its contents to your GameData folder.
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Simple Anti-Cheat | Server Download
Released: Jan 9th 2010
Size: 0.2 MB | Downloads: 845 (0 this week)
This is the server-side package for the SAC. To install, follow the instructions in the included README.
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